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Nuclear Engineering

Online Graduate Certificates


Earning a Graduate Certificate in Nuclear Engineering requires completing a 9 credit hour program subject to the following requirements. All courses must be taken for a letter grade with a grade of B- or better. Pass/Fail grades will only be permitted for the NSEG 5974 course. A final average GPA of 3.00 or better must be achieved in the 9 hours of course work accepted for the certificate.


A minimum of 9 graded credit hours of courses must be taken, including the following:
  1. NSEG 5114 Nuclear Engineering Fundamentals (Required Course)
  2. NSEG Elective Courses (Select any two below):
    1. NSEG 5124 Nuclear Reactor Analysis
    2. NSEG 5204 Nuclear Fuel Cycle
    3. NSEG 5214 Nuclear Power Plant Operations and Systems
    4. NSEG 5604 Radiation Detection and Shielding
    5. NSEG 5974 Independent Study (Nuclear Engineering)
    6. NSEG 5984 Special Study (Nuclear Engineering)
    7. NSEG 6134 Nuclear Reactor Safety Analysis

The above listed courses are available online, but are not offered every semester. As additional online courses become available they will be added to the list. Course descriptions are available in the Graduate Catalog or the nuclear engineering website. A total of 3 hours maximum of either NSEG 5974 or NSEG 5984 may be taken towards progress of the certificate with approval of the program coordinator.

(CIP 14.2301)


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Program Website:
Nuclear Engineering

Program Director:
Dr. Mark Pierson

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